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    The Guilt..

    It have been a month doing my routine.. Even though i am beginning to use to this routine but i am still complaining.

    Yesterday my son finished school at 1.00pm, i came there late.. stuck in the jam.. worse.. the lady in front of me stop her car..blocking all the cars behind.. i couldn’t move mine..i blocked other cars.. same goes to the rest.

    Feeling guilty, i asked the lady if is it ok to leave the car like that.. the answer..’its normal’.. oops..okay.. i imagine having some car hit my bumper just to move it away..

    While waiting for my son in the waiting area.. i was worried about my car.. if i haveĀ  security systems protecting my car..i don’t mind.

    Today i want to go a bit early to get a good place to park.. i don’t want to feel guilty and selfish.

    When you know you are wrong, you will feel guilty and imagine how many curses you will get..your choice.


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    The Jellete Set


    I love this new product from tupperware.. the Jellete Set.. very nice.. i love the colors. Can’t wait to get it.. my daughter have been asking me to buy jelly from the shop.. mmm its not clean ..don’t know they use furnace filter or not… i want to give her healthy food.. fruits jelly maybe…still searching for a nice recipe.