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I have been feeling stress lately, i get irritate easily, anger come from no way..headache..and feeling nausea… haiya what happen to me.. sometimes i can’t help it.. yelling without reason, looking for small things to quarrel with my hubby and my kids.. can’t help it..

Worse.. i even feel like crying.. i become so sensitive and emotional..yes again..without no reason.. I thought maybe because i’m exhausted.. and my house is in the mess. Feeling tired.. lack of energy.. grrr.. God help me!…

Wait a minute.. i have experience this before.. when?.. during my early pregnancy.. oh no.. am i pregnant?.. I love to have additional in my family..but not at this moment.. i don’t want to take pregnancy vitamins, the morning sickness.. oh..not now please.

Then again.. i have experience similar to this.. before my menses.. exactly.. it is my PMS.. it is my premenstrual syndrome.. I guess i need to record this syndrome every month.. because it keep changing every month.. it will be easier for me to understand myself.

Lucky i have a husband who understand, i told him..that i cannot control myself.. especially being emotional and feeling tired.

Last night he took over few of my chores.. i didn’t take my dinner.. i went to sleep early.. but i had to wake up a bit early this morning to prepare my son’s school books according today’s time table.

Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves.. what happening.. it is important to let our spouse know what is going on… so it will be easier for him and yourself to handle the situation.

I learn that miscommunication can lead to quarrel .. to avoid it..a proper explanation on a situation will be a good help.

Cooperation and good communication between husband and wife will make life easier.


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