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Enjoy what you are doing..even if you hate it

Oh..yes! i love my new job.. that becoming my new routine.. the job that i love the most is to fetch my son from school.. the jam..argghh.. but its ok.

Its hard to find good parking if i’m late but.. i manage to squeeze in..somewhere.. as long as i don’t block anybody…. Out from the compound cars got bumper to bumper.. everybody don’t know each other anymore..everybody want’s to go out there first… if i can shout.. give me way! give me way!..or me first! me first!

A few times i had to parked outside the school parking area.. but need to walk far.. kesian my son.. tired.. hot lagi.. i don’t like to walk that far.. but if that one of the best ways to lose belly fat .. i don’t mind doing it everyday.

Oh ya.. yesterday.. was great.. a smart person.. i don’t know lady or guy.. parked his/her car at the center of the main gate..the way out from the school parking compound.. the person get lots of honk honk..and curses for sure.. ..the person just made everybody in their cars in line for so long.. causing massive jam… I hope he do that everyday.. let people get caught in jam.. and make people go back late to work.

Okay guys.. i am trying to be positive here.. sound sinical? sorry..can’t help it. Its just make me crazy sometimes.. but i need to love and enjoy what i’m doing then i can give 100% on it.


When you enjoy what you doing..even if you hate it.. you will get use to it..and love it even more!



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