I need to walk on the beach

Goodness it is so cold in the office.. i really need fresh air.

You know what i feel like doing right now? walk on the beach.. aahh how nice.. I will go this weekend and it would be sunset… i love the scenery.

So many beautiful beaches here.. i will go to Tanjung Aru because that is the nearest to my place.. will buy the jagung bakar.. kacang..yummy i can taste it already..hehe… walking while eating.. and let my children run..let them have fun.. they have done great job for waking up early without fuss.. i love them.. it will be a treat for everybody.

Oh i need that walk on the beach..walking not only a top fat burners but also can relax our tired body and mind.

Another four days to go.. i just can wait for that day… to have a long walk on the beach… and let my feet get dirt by the sand.. leave behind my footstep and let it wash by the wave… hehe..how nice.


We need to relax our mind and soul.. we need to energize.


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6 Responses to “I need to walk on the beach”

  1. carol says:

    Good idea..mummy need a break sometimes otherwise we’ll freak out!!

  2. shirley says:

    iya bah..not just mummy.. the whole family member.. a treat!..hehe

  3. SJB says:

    I wish i can do this too.

  4. shirley says:

    next time we go sama2 k

  5. Cay says:

    I want tooo ….

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