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Intellectualize our emotions

A dear friend of mine.. Pn. Lin Chatterton shares this with me her inspiration notes.. i love receiving her email…she is a
NLP Coach/Facilitator/Author
and a Certified NLP Practitioner.. and i love to share it with you.

“When emotions are managed by the heart, they heighten your awareness of the world around you and add sparkle to life. The result is new intelligence and a new view of life.” — Doc Childre and Howard Martin

How do you intellectualize your emotions?

Many of us live so much in our heads that we intellectualize our emotions. We analyze, rationalize and explain them away so quickly that we don’t actually experience them.

Learn to honour your emotions at all times by being willing to feel them. Of course, you may need to exercise some judgment over how and when you express them.

“Learning to be aware of feelings, how they arise and how to use them creatively so they guide us to happiness, is an essential lifetime skill.” n– Joan Borysenko

We are all the same, physically.. but our way of thinking is differin.. oops i mean different from each other.. Say for example.. you wear a nice dress..and you ask 5 people give their opinion.. you will have different answer.. ‘too short’, ‘colour don’t suites you’, ‘ok’, ‘too sexy’.. etc.. our opinion are different… you take their opinion.. Some might condemn you.. aah..just let it go..don’t get emotional.. it doesn’t mean you have to follow what they say…. what matter is up to decide.

At the end of the day.. you are the one wearing the dress..if you feel good.. you look good.


When people pass judgment on you.. don’t get emotional.. analyze it.. and if you can take it.. keep it..if you don’t like it..just let it go.. The choice is in your hand.



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