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My Skincare with Tomato and Aloe Vera

Last week.. i don’t know why.. suddenly i feel like pimples popping out on my skin.. red spot everywhere… damn.. Maybe because of the stress.. new routine and duty.

I don’t know what to put on my skin.. but for sure i have to do something.. you know what i did? i took a tomato..i mashed it.. and applied it all over my face… i let it for an hour … it begin to dry on my skin.. then i wash it with tepid water. It was good.. it dried up my pimples.

Wow! that feels good.. then guess what…the next day.. i tried aloe vera.. cut the skin.. and applied it all over my face.. i make it as a mask..leave it for an hour till it dry on my was soothing..and heal the pimples scar.. not totally heal maybe i need to do it continuously.. at least once a week.

There you go.. my home remedy for acne.

Ladies don’t depend on commercial products.. lets start do our own research..who knows the fruit that you like eat have the benefit to your skin too… cut it into half.. eat it and apply the other half to your skin.


Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful!



  • Jessica

    Here is why tomato and aloe works well together….

    Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and Lycopene (a rich antioxidant), which is why it can britghten up your skin and naturally protect you from the sun. Aloe is a rich moisturiser and soother. Besides, the skin can absorb aloe gel even better than water. So, instead of trying it on 2 separate days, here is a weekly home facial you can try…

    Juice ripe tomatoes (with seeds) in a juicer and strain out just the clear juice. Apply this on cleansed skin. Leave this on your face for half an hour. Do not wash the face. Now cut a small piece of the fresh aloe leaf and massage the gel in until it is completely absorbed. While the clear tomato juice would have been absorbed by the skin in the 30 minutes you let it be on the face, the aloe gel will further help the skin absorb the tomato’s nutrients. You may leave this overnight or wash it after an hour.

    Feel the difference…..

    Remember – Your mixer, the vessels and equipments you use, the cotton, tomatoes, aloe and everything you possibly use to do this facial needs to be ultra clean and sterilised. Else, it could lead to adverse effects. Cheers !!!!

  • lilly

    I have never tried tomato with aloe-vera, but i’m gonna give it a go now! Its crazy how you can look after your skin with natural foods. Heck forget paying stupids amount of money for overpriced cosmetics.

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