Learn to Recycle

I am trying to do my part in saving the planet earth… i am learning to reduce the use of plastic bags by using shopping bag to the supermarket. I need to get a few of the bags, i need to keep in the car, in case i forget and in my handbag.


If you going for groceries.. you might need this bag.. its bigger.


You can fold this and put in your handbag, no more plastic bags.

Last Sunday, me and my hubby just get rid of two big plastic bags full of plastics, papers, toys and it was heavy..we send it to recycle and they gave us RM1.50 from that… hahaha. .next time i just leave it there.. its worth more than that.. i feel better to leave it there than to throw it in the garbage bin and destroying the environment.

We have to act now, for the sake of our children and the new generations..save the Planet!


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6 Responses to “Learn to Recycle”

  1. deana says:

    am trying too tapi always lupa to bring the bag..

  2. shirley says:

    deana, sama lah kita.. i keep one in the car pun pandai lupa.. tu lah mo taruh di handbag.

    SJB, thanks..

  3. cay says:

    I have a few bags and always lupa to bring …walaupun dalam kereta nii …

  4. shirley says:

    keep one in your handbag..buli lipat mah..or try to remember lah.. sya pun learning ni

  5. I viewed your site. Very cool. Will come back.

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