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Day By Day

Waking up early every morning…out to get my son from school…send him to daycare… and back to the office… Going back..pick my children from daycare.. my time we reach home it was quite late.. hubby have to cook, while i have to check for their unfinished homework, books for tomorrow, do the laundry.. oh my.. i am not tired.. i am exhausted.

I have never have the chance to sit on my sofa a bit longer…I wish i have a contemporary sofas to sit on and have a relaxing moment

When will be my time to relax? The best day is Friday.. i can sleep late.. and wake up late on Satuday morning.. Ohh..i can’t wait for that day. But when it come to Sunday evening.. i will start preparing things for the week and Monday will start doing the routine.

But the best thing when i am busy with the routine, i don’t have other silly things to think about.. i just concentrate on my family and without realizing … the days gone so fast.

Day by day.. gone.. we should realize we are getting old and wiser, we should appreciate and be thankful for what we have.. this moments will be the moments will remember when we are old.

Capture this moments and hold it..tomorrow this moments will be just a memories! so make the best of it.. let it be a wonderful memories to you and your family.

Day by day.. be loved and be blessed!


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