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Are We Doing The Right Thing?

When we become a parents, we have to make the right decision… the right choices.. it can be difficult sometimes.  We tend to make Plan A, Plan B and Plan C if anything goes wrong… well we plan but God decide .. we just do what we could.

I always wanted my children to learn Mandarin… my son learn mandarin since preschool/kindergarten.. but when come to primary school… i was worried…i wanted him to go to Chinese school but there are so many things to think about.. can he cope? he might get bored… tired.. but i have faith in him… and the important thing is he love to learn mandarin, i am sure he can do it.. the knowledge is important.

It is easier for children to learn new languages, i just hope he will be able to speak and write in Mandarin, while we continue talking to him in English, Malay and sometimes Kadazan.

My parent never teach us how to  speak Kadazan and Tatana,  but we can understand… because we they talk..we listen… our brain is not like micro sd, our brain can be trained and will not be out of memory.. well unless something happen..touch wood.  I am now proud that i can speak Kadazan Penampang, Kadazan Membakut and Tatana… well not fluent but atleast i try ..and i understand and i have the courage to speak…and i am still learning.  Give me another few months.. i am now learning my Mandarin with my son.

For now.. i just let him try and see what the teacher’s respond.  My responsibility as a parent is to make sure he is happy, comfortable having fun with what he is learning.

Are we doing the right thing? We don’t have the answer right.. until they let us know now.. they don’t like it or later..when they grow up and say thank you for what we did.

Have fun learning!


Working mom

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