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A New Chapter

We Open then closed…, A beginning with an ending…,  there goes 2009… it was another year…we met new friends… adding new number in our age, adding few wrinkles on our face, some of you may add family members and there were who loss their love ones, loss their job.  Its just a year where we added…we multiply,.. increase,..we win, we gain..or the opposites of it..we failed..we loss… whatever it is.. whatever happened…it have been done… gone… close the chapter…closed 2009… believe me..there are reasons for all of it to happened.

Now… we open a new chapter… 2010… Some hoping  for great opportunities…we hope, we wish, we pray….   does opportunity come knocking? can’t we create opportunity?  maybe at the right time and place.. we eventually find opportunity knocking.. or actually in front of our eyes..we don’t know that we can create opportunity at that very moment.

As for myself, almost every year… i will start my budget and planning… but only for few first months.. and what i planned never turn out as what i wanted it… so this year..i leave it to God!…  i will go with the flow…eventually we will reach that end of the year.

Whatever your resolution, your dream, your wish for this year… the important thing is to try.. whether you want to change your career..get jobs in healthcare, be a teacher…you want to quit your job and be a housewife…whatever…it is a dream..a life to discover…another lesson to learn… to be wiser, be smart and be kind.

Wishes you all the best!


Working mom


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