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3 in 1 Celebration

This is a bit late… but i post it anyway..we had a small and simple 3 in 1 celebration on the 30th Dec last year…. Xmas, New Year and Birthday party for staff born in November and December.

We even had exchange gifts..the rules must be RM10 and above… i got table cloth.. nice one..i was one of the luckiest..most of my friends got towel..hehe…

Can you imagine if somebody give a car as a gift definitely need to use good sam motorhome towing

Here are some pics, courtesy of  my friend Maznah@mimi and Siti Dharizah.


posing with our gifts… eza, mimi, asiah..and me…guess who got the towel?




with our own..Siti Dharizah..


A few of the beautiful ladies in our office…in one department.


Of all pictures… i love this the best..i wouldn’t know what we were talking about.. gossip? no… we dont gossip…  must be something funny.. hehe.

It was a simple and wonderful celebration.. we had a great time..eating ..thats the best part.

Peace and Love to all,



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