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    Correct Timing To Take Water

    A friend forwarded me this email and find it very interesting.. check this out…


      Correct timing to take water, will maximize its effectiveness to Human body.

      Two (02) glass of water – After waking up –  Helps activate internal organs

      One (01) glasses of water  – 30 minutes before meal – Help digestion

      One (01) glass of water – Before taking a bath – Helps lower blood pressure

      One (01) glass of water – Before sleep  – To avoid stroke or heart attack

      Interesting article to share with everybody… i drink a glass of water every morning.. before doing anything.. water is a start..it becoming my routine.

      They said water is also a best fat burner..with correct exercise or workout you can get rid of that extra fat in your body… and now with this information, you might want to try it..but i don’t really like the last one.. i want my tummy empty before i got to sleep … i don’t like going to the toilet..i want a beauty sleep without disturbance… well..if its good..then..why not?

      Now you know the correct timing to take water… pour the water in your glass…and….Cheers!!