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Money oh Money!

91028je78f2mjmyI could not depend on my monthly salary… but at least i got a fix income… there is always a need to find other source to get extra income.. money is never enough.  For those who are in business.. they really need to work hard to find money… some got it easy … some find it difficult.. whatever it is..we need money.

They say…Money is the root of all evil… money is an item.. well with value  but.. it is not a living thing.. its up to the person who earn … and how they  spend it.. become evil.. how evil could it be..? overspending end up burden in debt.. then we call money evil..have we forgotten how money makes us happy.. we spend our family in a vacations, purchased our vehicles, property, if you have enough money.. u can buy metal buildings for long terms investments… so many things money can do to make us happy.

To me money is not evil at all… money oh money!… i need money, i love money, i save money and i spend money… Money oh Money!

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