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    Beauty Regimes

    The law of beauty is actually simple.. . just follow the basic..at least twice a day.. morning and night before go to sleep..follow these 3 steps of cleansing your face..

    1. Cleansing
    2. Toning
    3. Moisturizing

    Once a week,try to…

    1. Mask – put a mask on.. there are so many mask we need for our skin..to get a radiant skin..
    2. Exfoliate/ Scrub – the use of exfoliator is to peel and get rid of the dead skin..

    Okay that is for the skin…it is also important to take care of our eyes, lips and neck..

    1. We need to use the under eye cream….reduce the wrinkles..and to refresh tired looking eyes..
    2. For the lips.. we need lip balm and also gentle exfoliator for the lips..
    3. Neck… apply firming neck cream

    If you follow this beauty regimes.. you are on your way to perfection..  good for you!..i skip most of the time… hehe.. okay that is taking care our skin from outside..from inside.. drink plenty of water..eat lots of fruits, reduce intake of oily foods, get rid of hatred.. more love.. and forgiveness.. pray for others..appreciating life… and SMILE!…beauty reflects what you are from inside… keep saying to yourself..that you are Beautiful!!


    Love.. Beautiza

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    Arggg… diet…diet… i really need to get healthy.. that is my resolution for next year.. ..few weeks more to a new year..wow.  I really need to keep myself fit, healthy, stay in shape.. got to lose belly fat.. arrgh.. that is my major problem.

    I need to change my habit and start adding a new routine… not sure how..but i really have to change these …

    • sleep early rather than sleep night doing blogging.. i need to reschedule my blogging time,
    • drink fruit juice and try to reduce or stop drinking nescafe.. (i am so addicted to caffeine),
    • got to eat lots of fruits and vegetables..rather than taking fast foods..and junk foods
    • cook healthy recipe …steam, boil..rather than.. fried..fried..fried..ohh that oil.
    • bring food from home.. rather than..buying..we know better what we cook (got to wake up early though..)

    and most of all… need to exercise..exercise…that will be part of my diet.  I will make sure my whole family get benefit from this.. well lets get it started!


    Fresh vegetables… for me and you..will not only make us healthy but also a beauty skin..and  for our brain… good memories for study.

    2547718efgcawjymcExercise and drink fruit juices…energize!

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    Money oh Money!

    91028je78f2mjmyI could not depend on my monthly salary… but at least i got a fix income… there is always a need to find other source to get extra income.. money is never enough.  For those who are in business.. they really need to work hard to find money… some got it easy … some find it difficult.. whatever it is..we need money.

    They say…Money is the root of all evil… money is an item.. well with value  but.. it is not a living thing.. its up to the person who earn … and how they  spend it.. become evil.. how evil could it be..? overspending end up burden in debt.. then we call money evil..have we forgotten how money makes us happy.. we spend our family in a vacations, purchased our vehicles, property, if you have enough money.. u can buy metal buildings for long terms investments… so many things money can do to make us happy.

    To me money is not evil at all… money oh money!… i need money, i love money, i save money and i spend money… Money oh Money!