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New Project

Sometimes… i realized that i have this tendency of doing things.. undone…or halfway done.. or taking time to be done..i want to have the right time.. and the right mood.  When it comes to art.. i feel like i want to start doing a project..that is making earrings…i have done this in 2007 and i managed to get good money from there.. i have asked my bestfriend to sell it.. and she sold it..she got discount from her purchased… i remember she asked me to make 6 sets of different color of earrings and bracelet made by glass pearls for her family gifts… if not because of her demand i will just stop and give up.

I remember i told a friend that i will start my project..selling my handmade earrings early this year… and yet its end of the year.. i have not done anything.  My problem is putting price on the item.. never mind if its cheap but i am afraid if its too expensive… i calculated the price of the items..and the workmanship..if it’s simple should be no problem but some work of art need focus and its time consuming..well it’s easier if  i can use barcode scanner on the price tag.

No promises..but i really hope to start the beading project again.


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