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    New Project

    Sometimes… i realized that i have this tendency of doing things.. undone…or halfway done.. or taking time to be done..i want to have the right time.. and the right mood.  When it comes to art.. i feel like i want to start doing a project..that is making earrings…i have done this in 2007 and i managed to get good money from there.. i have asked my bestfriend to sell it.. and she sold it..she got discount from her purchased… i remember she asked me to make 6 sets of different color of earrings and bracelet made by glass pearls for her family gifts… if not because of her demand i will just stop and give up.

    I remember i told a friend that i will start my project..selling my handmade earrings early this year… and yet its end of the year.. i have not done anything.  My problem is putting price on the item.. never mind if its cheap but i am afraid if its too expensive… i calculated the price of the items..and the workmanship..if it’s simple should be no problem but some work of art need focus and its time consuming..well it’s easier if  i can use barcode scanner on the price tag.

    No promises..but i really hope to start the beading project again.

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    Having Chest Pain

    Something is wrong.. i don’t know what… i am feeling tired.. sleepy…exhausted.. worse.. i am having chest pain..trying to think positive besides worrying…but it become so painful .. i hope it will go away after i wake up in the morning.. well i just hope i wake up.

    I was feeling tired lately.. mentally and physically…thinking..worrying about my son in his new school… this week i have started my new routine…fetching him from school and sending him to his daycare… next week until end of December will be ok..but starting January.. i will be doing the routine.. and i just hope my son will get used to his new school by then.. for sure i need to take few days leave to accompany him at his school.

    Oh my… while i am writing this.. i am still having my chest pain… i am never to concern about my health.. but it worries me that i feel sleepy.. lack of energy..i never take any best weight loss products .. friends telling me i loss weight.. i stop dieting.. i just want to be healthy.

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    Christmas is near

    Wow.. almost end of November.. soon its the month we have been waiting for… December… its Christmas…yihaaa!

    Those days..when i was young..hehe.. i mean in the primary school time.. i love Christmas simply because of Santa Claus, the Children Party, the presents and new dress…when i was a teenager… i still look forward on buying new dress from myself… what to wear.. my hair style.. overall is the appearance. .. i know what celebrating Christmas is all about..yet only that day itself i give myself totally ..concentrate in church.. after that.. joining my friends attending the Christmas invitations.

    But now..when i got married.. its my children’s turn to get excited.. about Christmas..presents..christmas trees.. shopping complexes simply because of the decoration.. my daughther hint what gift she wants for christmas… as usual.. Barbie doll..well.. i might give her something else.

    Oh dear, oh dear Christmas is near.. i got to get ready gifts for my children, nephews and nieces… need to go shopping… well Christmas is only once a year.. what important is the meaning of chrismas.