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New Project

Sometimes… i realized that i have this tendency of doing things.. undone…or halfway done.. or taking time to be done..i want to have the right time.. and the right mood.  When it comes to art.. i feel like i want to start doing a project..that is making earrings…i have done this in 2007 and iContinue Reading “New Project”

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Having Chest Pain

Something is wrong.. i don’t know what… i am feeling tired.. sleepy…exhausted.. worse.. i am having chest pain..trying to think positive besides worrying…but it become so painful .. i hope it will go away after i wake up in the morning.. well i just hope i wake up. I was feeling tired lately.. mentally andContinue Reading “Having Chest Pain”

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Christmas is near

Wow.. almost end of November.. soon its the month we have been waiting for… December… its Christmas…yihaaa! Those days..when i was young..hehe.. i mean in the primary school time.. i love Christmas simply because of Santa Claus, the Children Party, the presents and new dress…when i was a teenager… i still look forward on buyingContinue Reading “Christmas is near”