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The Day He Ran Away…

The first day my son in school.. i was on leave…he was alright.. not much problem..but i check his school bag..he still have his food in his lunch box..after school..took him for a lunch.. and straight back home.

Second day… he went in his class.. but looking at us from the window… i came early to get him in the afternoon.. i saw him doing his work.. he didn’t see me when he went out from the class.. he look tired.. i sent him to his daycare..he doesn’t want to go down from the car..i ended up bringing him to my office… he still got food in his lunch box.. bought tapau .. he ate..he was so hungry..poor baby.

Third day…he doesn’t want to take his breakfast at home… reaching school..he doesn’t want to go down from the car… his daddy had to carry him to the classroom..worse.. he don’t want to enter the classroom… he was crying.. his daddy managed to get him sit for a while.. and then..zooop!.. he was running away..away from the classroom..away from the school.. to the parking area..his daddy can’t catch up.. he just pray for his safety.. he ran so fast…. the next thing  his daddy saw him standing waiting near our car in the car park.

At that time.. i was talking to the class teacher asking how he perform.. well so far he understood what we said..and able to do his work..   the teacher try to persuade my son to follow him to back to the classroom.. my son insist want to follow us home and even mentioned his teacher in kinder’s name.. and the school… he want to go back to his kinder.  I have the feeling that he is afraid.. because it is a big school with unfamiliar concern is that he is so shy to tell teacher what he wants.

I am now thinking about tomorrow.. how.. and what should i do?… thinking about this matter is a natural weight loss pills for me… anyway..  i was thinking to go there early..and spend longer time with him and i might bring his sister along with us… i will see how it goes.. i just hope tomorrow he wont run away again.


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