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    Their First Day..

    Oh gosh.. what a day.. to me.. and to everybody at home..

    Today.. my daughter start her trial in a daycare.. next year she will start her preschool there… and daycare.. she was okay when i sent her early this morning… afternoon i will be going there to check her out.

    Today is my son’s first day of trial in primary school… me and hubby got a bit worry.. when the class teacher speaks in mandarin.. i don’t understand a word she’s saying only.. ‘chao an’..’ming pai ma?’.. hehe.. the rest.. can’t figure out.. I really hope Sean will be able to cope with the new environment and i saw him talking to his new friends.. i hope everything goes well.. will fetch him and he will be joining his sister in a daycare.

    Today.. my hubby first day at a new place.. no need to worry about him… hehe.. i hope everything will be fine.

    Wow.. today is a ‘first day’ for everybody..what a start at the end of the year.  Me and hubby have to start do budgeting for our kids…  If any  school provide  student loans for preschooler and primary school.. i will  be  the first to grab it.  Nowadays  fees are getting expensive.. and this makes me think twice to have additional in the family.   Well.. i don’t want to ruin everybody’s first day.. everybody will get used to it.