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    Cry..and let it out

    Do you think a comedian have great, fun, happy life? how about actors/actresses… are they on top of the world thinking of nothing… without problem?  Do they cry?  well.. they are just  human like you and me.. they perform to make us laugh.. happy…that’s their job.

    I remember 10 years ago.. i received  at 12.00 midnight.. my friend (a guy) telling me he saw his girlfriend with someone else.. and he was crying.. damn.. that’s sucks big time.. but that was his feeling.. he can’t control his emotion.. so i just listened.. and well i can’t remember what advice i have given him.. i hope a good one.

    To me.. hiding a feeling is difficult.. i have experience being so frustrated, betrayed but i need to have the smiling face.. the ‘happy go lucky attitude’.. i got to hide the feeling.. oh man.. it’s hard to do.. but i did it.. i feel like crying..but i keep on smiling.. hiding the feeling.. the emotion.. keeping it inside of me.. 5 minutes seems to be like hours.. and i continued for days.. until i really got the feeling out of me.

    A friend once told me, she felt so down, upset, betrayed.. i told her to calm down, take it easy..  and just to let it out.. ‘cry’..  indeed she told me..while writing to me via YM she was crying out loud.. (she was at home) i can’t imagine she cried in the office.

    Mistakes through my experiences taught me the true meaning of life.. once you feel the betrayal and hurts, you learn to go on… but i never regret.. that become a journal in my life.


    We cries.. when we are sad.. in grief..broken heart.. to let our emotion out.. its alright to cry.. we cry when we happy.. don’t we?   So if you feel like crying.. let it out.. don’t keep it inside…

    If somebody betrayed you.. you just imagine.. your tears represent your sadness, your hurts, how much you hate the person.. and after you have done with your crying.. you will feel ‘aaah what a relief‘..gone all the sadness and move on with your life.. and try to accept things in a positive view… to remain your beauty from inside is to accept.. and to clear all source of negatives energy.. don’t let hatred get into you.

    Okay.. enough with the crying things.. give me plasma tvs and make my day… give me a jokes to brighten my day!