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    Such An Inspiration

    Thank you for visiting my blog.. and thank you for giving comments.. i appreciate your time to come by.. it means a lot to me.. its like a ‘Hi’ to me.. and i welcome you with my warmest heart.  You…yes all of you.. you who just visited, you who come once in a while, you, who come back again and again.

    Thank you to those who ask for link exchange.. its just so wonderful to receive email and get a positive feedback from strangers all over the world.

    You guys inspires me..to write more.. to share more… in return i hope i inspires you.. i try to post something new..whatever comes in my head.. whatever i feel like talking or write.  Please excuse my grammar, my spelling.. sometimes when the idea pop out from my head.. it did not come out perfectly in sentences but i hope you get my message.. i hope you understand what i said..what i am trying to say.

    Sometimes we don’t realize that people surround us inspires us in so many ways…music.. yes..do you realize that music inspires us? we listen.. and you say ‘hey this song is about me’... you feel connected.. we listen to the the lyrics..there are so many songs.. such us ‘I Believe I Can Fly by  R. Kelly and  Whitney Houston’s new single ‘I Look To You’ so inspiring.

    Reading column in NST by Tessie Lim inspires me, reading Oprah’s website inspires me in so many way.. every morning i will click on the website.. before i start my day.. and the time i got nothing to do..reading Oprah is the best.


    I never like to read book… well only fashion magazines or articles .. ..but my former and my present boss loves books.. they read books all the time.. well when they have their free time of course.. they inspires me to read..  i realized after reading a book it makes me learn a lot..gain knowledge depending on what you read..and its not hard.. just read.

    I have something in mind.. i will now start a new category ‘Inspiration’, or ‘Woman’s Mind’…  where i will write about those who inspires me and believe their story will inspire you too.  If i am able to get in touch with them.. i will start interviewing. .. or go the their manufactured home and get the story.


    So bear with me… while i get some inspiration from books with a cup of coffee.. i am also surfing from other blogs and websites.. I hope i will get you inspired!