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    Desperate Best Friends

    Hehe.. i simply put ‘Desperate Best Friends’…hehe..because  we were so desperate to meet each other….our best friend Cay is working in KL the only time we can meet her is when she came back to KK for holiday that is in December.. or whenever we go to KL but usually we were busy with family.   She was here for a two days seminar.. came down alone..so we took advantage to meet everybody last Friday(30 Oct 09).

    We called each other set time and place…we managed to get together without our best friend Flora who are now working in Brunei..never seen or get in touch with her..mmm..i can’t remember when.

    The five of us have been together since 1993 taking our  Diploma in Secretarial Science Students in ITM Menggatal..

    Look at this picture..taken during our presentation..if i’m not mistaken this is in 1995.

    can you spot which one is me? hehe.. from left.. shirley, flora, cay, felecity and collete.


    This picture below.. im not sure when … i assume its around 1998 0r 1999 .. im just guessing..can’t remember.. but we still hang out after we leave ITM.

    tttenjoying our single ladies moments…hehe



    And this picture below..taken recently.. without our big sister..Flora.. Fele had checked in the directory submissions and managed to get her email.. but our Flora is a busy woman ..busy .. as before.

    Can you spot the different.. before and after.. hehe.. who still mantain.. and who terlebih? oops again.



    The mummies.. yaii.. still like before.. talk loud.. lupa diri whenever we meet up.

    kolet n kay

    Colette, the steady..happy go lucky..smile always.. and laugh a lot.. and Cay… now she the mama type.. hehe.. she become our big sister..

    fele n shirl

    me… what can i say about me.. u ask them.. they know about me sometimes more than i do.. and Fele….lovable.. smile always.. concern sister.. sensitive a bit.. but dont mess with her.. hehe

    group in kfc

    We still mantain our friendship.. until now we still keep and share our secret..oops.. the secret part.. if i die.. ask them..they hold my secret..but they don’t have my money.. but if i strike jackpot for sure these ladies will get their part from me.

    group1Friendship will last forever… she listen, she speak up, she fight, she make up.. if i don’t know what to do.. i know who i can talk to.. my Best friends! Love you ladies.. God Bless!