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Never Too Late To Study..

We are so lucky these days.. modern technology giving us the opportunity to learn without even driving to the university as those part time students does, with online university, you just need to spare some of your free time. Not much free time? think about is more convenience to study at home, while ourContinue Reading “Never Too Late To Study..”

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Beauty Regimes

The law of beauty is actually simple.. . just follow the least twice a day.. morning and night before go to sleep..follow these 3 steps of cleansing your face.. Cleansing Toning Moisturizing Once a week,try to… Mask – put a mask on.. there are so many mask we need for our get aContinue Reading “Beauty Regimes”

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Arggg… diet…diet… i really need to get healthy.. that is my resolution for next year.. ..few weeks more to a new  I really need to keep myself fit, healthy, stay in shape.. got to lose belly fat.. arrgh.. that is my major problem. I need to change my habit and start adding a newContinue Reading “Diet..Diet..”