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    Everyday Thinking

    Everyday thinking involves understanding, knowing and deciding.


    1. What are the reason for my behavior?
    2. Why do people behave as they do?
    3. Why did that happen?


    1. How should i study?
    2. Do I know what i know?
    3. What do i believe?


    1. How do i solve that problem?
    2. Is this a good decision?
    3. what are my goals?

    What?..why?…how?.. is this right? is this wrong? before we decide… we really have to understand what we are doing.. and knowing what we are doing.

    Sometimes i make a wise decision and sometimes i assume i know what i was doing and make a drastic decision that makes me suffer.. well for instance..taking personal loan.. minimum monthly payment but killing me for life.. gosh.. that’s hurts.. sometimes i wish i could turn that time.. and now my friend whom have been trying to sell me insurance coming to get me again… well this time i need to really understand the life insurance quotes before i jump into agreement.

    Making decision in life sometimes can make your life in a difficult situation… try these three steps hopefully can help us make a wise decision!