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How To Be Happy

  1. Be yourself! This means doing what you want, achieving your goals not living up to others expectations because this is your life.
  2. Accept and forget.  Write down all your flaws everything you don’t like about yourself.  Divide them into three columns: Worth Worrying about, Who Cares, and Why is it Even On This List?
  3. Eliminate!Identify places or people or things that make you feel uncomfortable eliminate it from your schedule.
  4. Forget others’ opinions.  If you feel hurt because someone’s remarks, they were probably covering up for their own insecurities.
  5. Learn to forgive.  Forgive and forget.  Everyone makes mistakes.
  6. Enjoy yourself! Life is short. Live it well.  Never back down from an obstacle and always remember, you are you.
  7. Have a good laugh everyday.  laughter has been proven to help you relax, boost your immune system, protect your heart, and help you feel good in general.
  8. Enjoy what you do.  Don’t let anyone get you down because they don’t do it, or they don’t like it.  Accept and approve of yourself, because you are unique.

from NST, Oct 15, 09.

Apart from all the above.. i will be more happy if have more money after paying bills online, insurance online.. but after i paid everything.. i have less in the account.. so i hope i will learn how to be happy without thinking about my savings.

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