A Cup of Coffee!


My washing machine is spinning dirty laundries… let it spin..let it clean…

The Kettle is boiling water.. let it boil..

I  need to fold a pile of  clean cloths.. aah.. leave it.. i will fold it.. let it.. let it be..

Arggh the floor is sticky.. haiya and a bit dirty.. will sweep and mop the floor.. i will use steam cleaners to do the job.. but not now.. let it be.. let it be…

I can hear my kids quarrel … ah let it be.. they will get over the fight..and play again.. let it be…

I will do all that later… What i need now.. is just a cup of coffee!

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2 Responses to “A Cup of Coffee!”

  1. Zan says:

    hehe i like that! sounds like me also.. hehe bah shirl, atur kita punya date nie.. 😉

  2. shirley says:

    ya bah zan.. another word is…’goooson’..hehe.. we will no other choice but to do it anyway gia kan..

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