Freezing Cold in the Office…

Oh gosh.. this is cold.. it didn’t take long for a hot cup of tea to get lukewarm … or even cold.

Going to work wearing office wear..short skirts… suits…. baju kurung… smart attires but in the office.. i feel like i need to be covered in blanket.. wear boots.. gloves.. and socks.. i cannot imagine the scenario.. hehe funny but ayo.. cannot tahan oh like this.

Can you just imagine living in a hot country.. but when  we go to work we wears this attire… check out this cool stuff from


or something like this….


I am guessing we look a bit silly but well when its too cold.. why not? .. here we are having climate change threats… still we use aircond to the extend.

I feel tip of my fingers numb…and make typo error .. even type simple sentence..when i checked what i typed… bcbsnc .. goodness..what was that.

The only way to make me feel warm.. is just walking around.. i dont want to sit and let myself freeze..yaiks.

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