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    Just Graduated!

    Yipee!! Sean graduated from Kinder.. so next year moving on to primary school… wow..

    They held the Graduation Ceremony in Yayasan Sabah  Theatre on Sunday, 25 Oct 2009… combining three Qdees Schools, Damai, Kota Kinabalu and Kingfisher.

    Let me just brief you about Qdees …before i registered him to Qdees early this year, i checked a few kindergartens nearby to my office.. i compare prices, the location, the school environment, the programmes…  No doubt that it is a bit expensive than previous kindergarten i sent Sean for two years but i just want to give it a try and see how Sean perform.

    I highly recommend Qdees for preschoolers… i can give testimonial if you want me too.

    What i love about Qdees.. are the series of storybooks that every students need to finished every end of  each semester…and swimming class… Sean so afraid of water but i see swimming not only good for exercise but also building self confidence.

    In this picture.. Sean were getting ready for the show.. they were seated at the front row with other students.

    IMG_1539My hubby unable to attend because he was in KL… so i bring with me my aunt and cousin..but not in the pic..hehe.. and i don’t quit remember why my Chrissa look so angry.


    Receiving his certificate from Mdm. Jane, Principle of Qdees Damai.


    Walking back proudly…hehe


    Doing their performances ‘Hua Hua Modern Dance’



    With his class teacher… Teacher Viviana.. i should say she did a great job.. and i am thankful enough for having her as Sean’s teacher… within a year in Qdees… Sean able to read story books Qdees series.


    Happy.. performance over… having great time with his sister and getting ready to go home.



    Reaching home.. sitting on the floor tiles taking off his shoes… they were exhausted… sleep early that night.  Well..not only them.. i was so tired sitting down and my eyes got tired watching the performances because we were sitted quite far from the stage.  Until then… wait for Chrissa’s turn next year.

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    Wonderful Experiences

    Having a child is the greatest gift.. i wonder why.. until i experience it my own.. raising a child.. seeing them grow in front of you.. the way they change.. their behavior and physical appearance.. getting taller without realizing it until their pants are too short for them.

    The way they learn to make sentences… and how they learn to copyright what you said.. being our own shadow sometimes.

    My son pick up sentences a bit slow but i thank God that he managed to read at the age of six.. i owe it to the teacher.. and to the school.. and Sean himself for being able to cope with that.  I love to listen when my children have their conversation.. I make sure they talk to each other.. and when they talk to me … i will listen.. and i always give them chance to give their own opinion.

    Everyday they pick up lines..not only from mummy and daddy.. but also from friends and teachers in school also from TV.. no doubt about that.  Well here are just a few line that i will always love to remember having heard from them :

    I was teaching Chrissa how to answer if somebody asked her how old she is….

    Mummy  : ‘Chrissa how old are you’?

    Chrissa  : ‘ I am 3 o’clock’

    Okay i guess.. when it comes to number.. she will always remember the time.. LOL.

    There were times.. me and hubby talking and laughing.. she was in the center looking at us.. we have forgotten about her actually.. she said ‘excuse me, what are you two talking about ah.. is that a jokes’... we actually pause and look at each other… blurr trus.. hehe

    The time when i got really mad at her.. .. and when i cool down a bit.. she come to me..‘mummy you marah me or not?.. but i love you’.. i  said.. ‘i marah you because you don’t listen to mummy.. but i love too’… she replied…’i love you three’.

    When i make mistakes.. she will say… ‘you silly old mummy’…mmm i know where this come from…  Darby says this to Pooh Bear… ‘you silly old bear’

    Last Saturday we went to CTMall, Chrissa wanted a lipstick.. so i just give her a lipgloss.. she took one.. but undecided… she came to me with another lipgloss in her hand..  i said.. ‘you have to choose either one and keep the other one back to the shelf’… i was searching something..when i turned .. i looked at her.. she was talking to a customer… and i heard she said..‘can you keep this back’..giving the lady the lipgloss’… waduh…

    Sean is the big brother type.. if i make mistakes or say words wrongly.. he will say…’eh mummy bukan … ..’ he loves to giggle… i learn his style.. .to make him do something..i just need to apply a bit of jokes..to make it interesting.

    Whenever his daddy asked Sean.. if he have any homework.. he will reply his daddy in Mandarin… and we have no choice but to watch Mickey Mouse and most cartoon in Mandarin… thanks to the language setting the ASTRO invented..

    I always remind my hubby to be careful of what he says to the children or to anybody in front of the children.. they will copyright and make use of the word.

    Lately.. they have been very helpful.. Sean wants to help wash the dishes.. but he not only washing plates…the  copper sinks and the floor wet..wet..wet..

    They help me hang their shirts with the hangers.. and put their fold cloths in their own drawer..but don’t expect to have it neat.

    I am sure you have you own experience with your young children.. its just wonderful..wonderful..and unforgettable experience.

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    Everyday Thinking

    Everyday thinking involves understanding, knowing and deciding.


    1. What are the reason for my behavior?
    2. Why do people behave as they do?
    3. Why did that happen?


    1. How should i study?
    2. Do I know what i know?
    3. What do i believe?


    1. How do i solve that problem?
    2. Is this a good decision?
    3. what are my goals?

    What?..why?…how?.. is this right? is this wrong? before we decide… we really have to understand what we are doing.. and knowing what we are doing.

    Sometimes i make a wise decision and sometimes i assume i know what i was doing and make a drastic decision that makes me suffer.. well for instance..taking personal loan.. minimum monthly payment but killing me for life.. gosh.. that’s hurts.. sometimes i wish i could turn that time.. and now my friend whom have been trying to sell me insurance coming to get me again… well this time i need to really understand the life insurance quotes before i jump into agreement.

    Making decision in life sometimes can make your life in a difficult situation… try these three steps hopefully can help us make a wise decision!