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Apartments… here and there..

I have been staying in this area for 7 years now… it was only a few blocks .. not so many people.  The best thing was i can still hear birds singing.. the breeze was cool.. from the hills…i can still feel like in the kampung… even though the opposite block was under construction at that time…but i don’t realized when it completed and people started coming in and occupied the empty and new apartments.

Now.. i see the management are building a few more apartments, they have new phase on top of the hills and along the way ..where it used to be bushes..  i cannot imagine how jam and cramp this place going to be in the next few years.. once it all completed.  I know few friends staying in our neighborhood… hehe.. and there were times while i drive.. i saw familiar faces..but unable to say ‘hi’.. so i wouldnt know where they stay.  I ever met a college friend.. she is actually stayed near my block..  and who might be my neighbour!

I assure you that this place are going to be like Beverly Apartments.. crowded and for sure there are going to be apartments for rent in this area as well.   Its a lifestyle to have an apartment of your own.. to stay in or even for rent.. its a good investment.  Well… if ever i have a house in the future.. i will keep my apartment ..thats for sure.

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