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    Do you Gossip?

    I always imagine to build a house soon.. i will have a garden at the backyard and also a swimming pool.. i will get a patio chairs because i know for sure i will have relatives and friends hanging out there.

    What usually we talk about when we meet our relatives and friends? well mostly updating about family thingy.. lol.. can’t avoid gossip can’t we.. but when we talk about other people we will say.. ‘this is not gossip..its a fact’.. come on.. where is that come from.. well that is to make us not to believe what we are actually talking about but at the same time get confirmation.. as long as you keep it there.. i guess its just chat.. unless you spread it out.  Have you ever heard this.. ?.. ‘don’t tell anybody ah.. please keep it to yourself’… translation.. ‘jangan kasitau orang ah.. sya kasih tau kau saja kama ni’… haha.. i heard it so many times.. and whenever i heard that.. i will asked.. how many people you told that.. haha..for the fun of it..seriously i am sure.. i am not the only one… but well maybe its true.. who knows.

    Rumors or gossip spread faster than media electronic..we got internet and handphone.. what else do you need to spread words..  ‘twitter’..’facebook’..’yahoo messenger’... just type whatever..and people will believe you but please dont do that.. dont start a rumor or gossip.. i am just giving example.  We can’t stop overhearing sometimes.. and they are people who like to go you and start the conversation… ‘eh you know…….’ and the person can sit for an hour to give details.. phew..  actually we dont want to know.. sincerely i dont like to listen to rumours or gossip that talk bad about other people.. so what.. i mean..whatever.. du’..what are you going to do about that?.. when we listen to rumours or gossip.. you will somehow have the tendency to know more.. to be curious… jelous.. and for some reason.. you have hatred inside of you…that is bad energy… i assure you .. you will look tired thinking about it..  it will come back to you ..stop spreading rumours or listening to it… it is not necessary true anyway… even media wrote wrongly about celebrities.

    I don’t really care if the rumours or gossip about other people..  but if it is concerning my close friends and relatives.. i might dig out more information.. and then get confirmation from the individual concern…because they are people who i cares about.

    I guess.. sometimes we dont really know that we were talking about.. its started from a simple chat.. when it comes to different people.. it keep on adding information.. it become bigger and interesting.. and i guess the person who started the whole thing love to have the attention..   if you know somebody who loves doing that.. please let her know that the negatives energy is bad.. and have you ever heard of.. ‘what comes around goes around’?.. it come back to you.. touch wood!.. get the rumours or gossip out of our life… we can at least be truth to the person instead of talking at the person’s back.


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    2nd Anniversary..as a Blogger

    I started blogging since September 2007… this year will be my 2nd year of being a blogger… still new.. and need to learn more..need more traffice.    I am sure i have written about this on my 1st year anniversary as a blogger..hehe.. well i love talking about it again and again…no harm.  It was so funny when i remember.. myself introducing myself to other bloggers.. just say ‘hi, nice blog’.. hahaha.. and blog hop everytime i had the chance.  I have limited time to bloghop nowadays.. but i try my best to say ‘hi’ to other bloggers..without them.. we are no blogger..we need each other.

    I am proud to be a blogger..not only i get extra money but also met bloggers whom are now my friends… interesting.  The best part is.. i am able to express my ideas and sharing tips with others.  I am forever thankful to my best friend’s Husband who introduced me to this wonderful world of blogging…he is the first one to give comment..hehe.

    Even though i have two blogs but i can only maintain 1 blog at the moment.. the other one still hanging tough..haha.. haven’t had much time to fashion right now.  I seen bloggers who have more than 2 blogs, others 5-10 blogs.. wow!.. how did they do that? they must have time doing the writing.. and so many things in their head.. so many ideas.. wow! to these bloggers.. salute to them.

    Having a blog is a ‘must’ in this era.. its  like having a personal diary or a journal.. and whatever we write right now..at this moment.. will be history in the future..and yet you can see how far did you go.. how much did you write.. and maybe..’damn why did i wrote that?’… lol… anything can happened.

    Blogging is not just about being personal, nowadays.. it become a trend and also business…they have tips about parenting, motherhood, fashion, personal development,  financial planning, IT related.. so many.. its all about sharing information..  if you needed term life insurance you can just check online and some blogger give their tips on that area too.

    As for now.. i am enjoying myself… i usually sketch, sketch, sketch… i still do that..but not as often as before.. now i enjoy reading books..  but i will never stop writing.. i will write! write! write! its fun and i enjoy it.  I am not a good writer but i hope what i write can inspire others to be a blogger.   It is also my hope that you will always visit my blog.. as i always welcome you to give comment.

    Thank you again.. for your time.. even the slight moment you have given me.. its a joy to me.