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    Our Favorite Barbie Songs

    My daughter, Chrissa  love to watch Barbie..mmm not only her.. i love Barbie..whenever we..girls imagine of Barbie..we imagine a perfect young lady.. beautiful, humble, sweet.. perfect skin without using any acne treatment, perfect hair.. everything a girl wish for.

    Chrissa loves to listen to Barbie’s songs… her favorites are these two songs…from Barbie and The Diamond Castle.  I love the story too.. its all about friendship.

    Whenever she hear this songs..she will sing along.. and its her lullaby.. her daddy will play this song from his hp… we will hear her humming to the song.. and in a while…zzzzz..she sleep like a baby… sweet dream in the Diamond Castle…dancing with Barbie and friends.

    Our family fall in love with this song.. and it becoming our theme song… check out this video.. sing along with it.. you will know why we love it so much.

    Enjoy this video by Rev. Jeremy Haft feat Katherine McPhee.. ‘Connected’.

    This beautiful song not only for best friends who have each other but also  for family.. every member of a family..we need each other…. we protect each other… we listen to each other.. we are there for each other.. we are connected!

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    The Longest Night Ever

    We went to bed around 9.30pm last night.. after a few minutes.. we were in the dark.. the whole area was in the dark..there were no electricity.   It was heavy rain and strong wind as well….unfortunately our emergency light/fan still unfixed since.. i cant remember when…  To get air we need to open the window… but only slight open .. we don’t want to get the rain in.. only need some air….  it was windy.. and it sound scary at times.

    My children unable to sleep properly.. i had to be their  ‘manual fan’.. using a book as a fan for them… there were times i had to sit.. eyes half open..half close.. with the book in my hand.. being a fan.. making sure my children sleep comfortably.

    I really had sleepless night.. i asked my husband what time.. he said 1.00am.. oh my.. few hours to go..but no sign of having the electricity back that soon… how could that be happening on sunday night.

    I can’t remember if i had a sleep. .. i remember my daughter wanted to go outside… i know she was uncomfortable.. so we went.. she wanted to watched tv.. i tried to explain.. she still hesitate of watching tv..  well thanks to the barking dogs.. hahah.. i got idea.. i told her that is why the dog bark.. the could not see any lights.. the baby cry because the baby cannot see the mother’s face.. and i go on and on..from cat…and  about other things.. so funny.. but it calm her for a while..and fallen asleep.  Time checked..it was 2.00am … we went back to the room.. i wouldn’t actually remember if i had fallen asleep after that.. i remember i was sitting down looking at them..making sure the sleep well.

    I woke up exactly at 5.40am.. still without electricity.. prepared everything.. and drive Sean to school then head to work… feeling sleepy.. lucky i got my 15 minutes nap during lunch time..that will do.

    I really hope i will have a good night sleep tonight.. and i really need the emergency fan and light fixtures in case anything like this happened in the future.

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    Who are you? why do they call you ‘problems’?

    Why are you here? are you invited? why do you come anywhere?

    Do you know that people scared of you? you are like some form of diseases…

    We want to avoid you…. we want to ignore you…we hated you actually…yes we do.

    so many questions i need to ask you …problems..

    but i am afraid..you too..don’t know the answer… and that is why you came.

    we want to ignore you.. push you away..

    but we can’t hide..can’t run away from you…

    you leave us with no choice.. we eventually have to accept you..

    Problems, i sometimes realized there are reason for you to come.. in our life..

    the reason that sometimes we never thought about..

    after accepting you.. struggling the emotion.. the moment..

    we becoming  more alert, awake..more conscious ..

    Soon we realize that without you what is the meaning of life?

    without you there are no challenge.. no obstacles.. no meaning

    having had you.. once in a while..make us pause, stop and think

    when we able to handle you.. you leave us alone.. but for sure you will be coming back

    and after you come and go in our life.. we get stronger and wiser

    you are part of our life… but please … problems.. don’t come to our life that often…

    we need more joy, happiness rather than having you..i am sorry but its true

    because if you come often i don’t need any weight loss products to slim down..

    having you can make me lose my appetite especially if i think too much on how to handle you!