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Our Favorite Barbie Songs

My daughter, Chrissa  love to watch Barbie..mmm not only her.. i love Barbie..whenever we..girls imagine of Barbie..we imagine a perfect young lady.. beautiful, humble, sweet.. perfect skin without using any acne treatment, perfect hair.. everything a girl wish for. Chrissa loves to listen to Barbie’s songs… her favorites are these two songs…from Barbie and TheContinue Reading “Our Favorite Barbie Songs”

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The Longest Night Ever

We went to bed around 9.30pm last night.. after a few minutes.. we were in the dark.. the whole area was in the dark..there were no electricity.   It was heavy rain and strong wind as well….unfortunately our emergency light/fan still unfixed since.. i cant remember when…  To get air we need to open the window…Continue Reading “The Longest Night Ever”

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Who are you? why do they call you ‘problems’? Why are you here? are you invited? why do you come anywhere? Do you know that people scared of you? you are like some form of diseases… We want to avoid you…. we want to ignore you…we hated you actually…yes we do. so many questions iContinue Reading “Problems”