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Spring Cleaning

Continuation from my previous post.. things were not missing but misplaced.. i hate that.. wasting time and energy.

I guess it is high time to do spring clean.. moreover its 4 months before end of the year…what..? oh ya.. its 4 months to go.. wow…  I have been keeping junk here and there.. old bills.. unwanted documents, oh.. i need NJ junk removal to get rid of all these.

I am thinking on when should i do this.. i want to have my maid of course but without my children.. mmm have to think who can baby sit them for a day… it would be easier without children at home.  I don’t want them to get dust.. and need to concentrate on cleaning anyway.

Spring cleaning once a year.. not only the house.. but also getting rid of unwanted clothes.. mmm.. i’m thinking of the right time of spring cleaning… hopefully cleaning the house.. will get good feng shui..hehe.

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