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    My Missing Things

    I thought i was being forgetful lately… its just few things are missing or not in the correct place at home.

    I have been focusing and thinking where i put things especially my expensive mellilea mosturizer which i never used.   I asked my maid to check for it.. i even describe how it look  like..  she said she didn’t see it… i did not accused her but for sure.. she might have kept it somewhere.

    Yesterday my husband asked me about my batik which i bought from a friend from Trengganu, i was searching for it.. i remember where i put it.. it was near the tv cabinet.. but it wasn’t there anymore… dissatisfied i check in the wardrobe and yet it was there… nicely fold.

    So today, i wanted to keep things in a paper bag.. i found a paper bag.. took out the things inside.. and guess what.. i found my mellilea mosturizer .. can’t wait to use it tomorrow.. my nivea mosturizer had finished.  I dont know why on earth she kept it in the paper bag.. haiya..sigh..

    I  guess its time for me to teach her the 5S concept… I need to get ride of few things, clear it, decide what i want to keep and what to throw.. how and where to keep it to make it easier for everybody to find it..  if i have too.. i will label it.. haha.. or put sign on it.. even exit signs, kitchen…haha..no lah..thats too silly and look  funny.

    This is what i dont like if somebody mess with my things.. i mean.. i know she is doing her job..but i hope she know and remember what and where she keep my things.  I hope thats the end of my missing things…lucky i found it.