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Its August…

Wow… i can’t believe it.. its August.. soon its going to be fasting month for our muslim friends…another 3 months to Christmas.

Few of my colleagues are in KL attending course .. well for sure they choose to go in August.. it is indeed the mega sale all over Malaysia.. but KL is the best place for shopping when you are there at the right time and place.

I usually pick August to back to KL but this year we went back early.. hopefully next year we will go back in August… Sean will be in primary one next year.. so have to wait for school holiday.

All my siblings will be celebrating their birthday in August.. my brother in 14, my elder sister in 29 and my younger sister in 31st August.  Its all happening in August.. how sweet.. missing them so much.


  • cay

    Yes it is august sudah ..mmg mega sale here in kl ..waduh ..smua turun kl kah ..makin sesak lah kl nii tau muahahaha ..sudahlah berjerebu ..ada h1n1 lagi ..duiii sesak nafas oohhh

  • Bonn

    Yap, its August..such a wonderful month. Not sure how to celebrate here…sasau sini indah sadap bah…so mungkin makan ayam lagi nie…..LOL

  • shirley

    shella & Bon… bah just cook whatever you have.. no sasau..makan ayam je lah.. ko anggap je korang makan sasau..hehe..

    kay…pulang udah dorang.. btempiaran org kk d kl..

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