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    Oh no! Big Mistakes..

    Nobody like to do mistakes.. especially stupid and unacceptable mistakes… but i guess sometimes we can’t help it.. nobody is perfect but if possible we try to avoid it.

    This happened few weeks ago, when my colleague had a visit by an officer from a Ministry who wanted to attend a meeting.  The problem is.. there were no meeting on that day, the poor guy had to call his office and unfortunately his secretary and clerk were out… he managed to get somebody in their office to confirm to him what was written on his notice board … it read ‘jangan lupa besok meeting …..at… date….’ unsatisfied.. he wanted to see the notice of meeting.. need to find out who signed it… they got the notice of meeting….. yes the date of meeting yet on that day.. but it noted Tuesday.. but it was Wednesday that day… i already know where its going…  They then check who signed the notice of meeting… the officer who signed it was no longer in that department.. can you guess what happened?

    The poor officer.. asked the person from his office to check date of the notice of meeting…  teng teng teng.. same date but it was 2008.. dear oh dear..  how could the secretary didn’t marked it for filing or file it away.

    I don’t know what will the secretary do if she find out what happened… she might take Slendeslim to make her unconcious for few days…LOL.. and i wonder what the officer will do to her…ooops…thats hurt.

    The important thing to do when we are at work is Focus, Concentration, Dedication…and might need training or attend course to upgrade our skill.

    Anyway nobody wants mistakes.. touch wood! touch wood!