Desperate People Do Stupid Things…

On Monday evening.. around 9.00pm my maid informed me that there were no water on the tap.. ‘oh damn’.. why didn’t give any notice on that.. lucky we have a big container of water supply in case something like that happened. The next day.. i had to bath Sean with cold water..he was shivering.. haha.. a fast one.. cant waste water.

I met my neighbor while on the way going down and asked him if he got water at his place… guess what… he said..’got mah.. i dont know now lah..why no water ah?’… mmm i feel something was wrong.. before going to the car i checked our main pipe..n for sure.. somebody closed it.. the work of a lunatic.. damn.. Anyway.. by doing that.. i managed to saved.. few liter of water.

Yesterday, while i was sleeping.. i heard a disturbing sound.. that i thought i was dreaming..but my husband who was awaken by that sound.. woke me up.. it was terribly annoying sound.. we went near the window and found out that it was somebody was standing near his car while pressing the horn… it was so loud.. not sure why… but at the same time.. he kick the other car.. we guessed somebody took his car was a block away.. imagine how loud the sound was… it continue for an 1 hour or so.. This guy was only thinking about himself.. he did not care about others… haiya..we just pretend nothing happened..and went back to sleep..zzz.. it was actually 3.00 am at dawn.

I hope there are such motorhome towing here.. where we can ask them to just to get anybody or any house with problem people out of the neighborhood. I can’t imagine why people can only think about themselves.. desperate people do stupid things sometimes.

Dont know what’s next…

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4 Responses to “Desperate People Do Stupid Things…”

  1. Cay says:

    Gosh …it happened to us too regards the tap water ..kin panas kan somebody will just closed ur tap mati2 kita sangka teda air ..tau2 org gila yg buat hihihi

  2. shirley says:

    hahaha..and we thought no water supply..bagus juga jimat water..tapi kin panas la bah…palui punya org.

  3. aines says:

    I oso kena the other day. Satu hari tiada water, sekali p check kena tutup pula. I found out later budak-budak nakal yang selalu main dekat rumah yang tutup. Bikin panas!!

  4. shirley aka beautiza says:

    iya bah nies.. aiso kalaja bah dorang tu kan.. memang bikin panas..

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