Edward & Wife…Inseparable in Life and in Death..RIP

This morning i read an interesting story in the newspaper and it touches my heart….

London : Inseparable in life and in death, that was what celebrated British conductor Sir Edward and Lady Downes epitomised.

It was, said their family, a very civilised way to die.  The couple, a shared lifetime of personal and professional triumphs behind them, help hands for their final moments together before climbing on to separate beds to drink the clear liquid containing a fatal dose of barbiturates.  Within 10 minutes, watched by their weeping family, they were dead.

The story of Edward, 85 and Joan Downes, 74 decided to end their lives after 54 happy years together by suicide rather then struggle with serious health problem… to me is a love story that has an happy ending even though they have choosen the wrong way to die..but if thats makes them happy… i hope God forgive them and my their souls rest in peace.

And this morning while me and my friend were having breakfast, we saw an old couple.. holding hands..  they both look so happy together… and wonder to myself… and have so many questions in my head.. and if i have the opportunity to interview them.. i would asked these few questions;

  1. how long have they been married?
  2. what was the biggest challenge?
  3. how they raise their children?
  4. did they ever cheated on their partner? hahaha…

if they were my neighbour.. i will keep on asking question … i am sure..soon enough they will call the long distance moving companies and  move to somewhere else hahaha.

Well…that is marriage…a big word with big responsibilities that only handle by two different people.. how they work it out, how long it last..it all depends on them…my marriage are still long way to go.. and i trust God to work in my marriage.. amen.

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4 Responses to “Edward & Wife…Inseparable in Life and in Death..RIP”

  1. chegu carol says:

    when i see elderly couples hold hands…i wonder how do they keep the feeling going. some married couples, after just few years of marriage are not keen to show their affection to their spouses anymore….

  2. shirley says:

    tell me about it.. that’s why lah i want to interview these elderly couples.. and do a survey.. haha..mmm why not kan.

  3. mummy ruth says:

    sad reality of life but true enough their love were strong enough for everyone to believe..

  4. shirley says:

    yes.. and it is a love story to me…

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