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    A Day With My Hubby

    Last week we had a bad news that my uncle had passed away in Labuan, so my husband thought that we have to be there with our relatives and to pay our last respect.  At first, we were thinking to bring our children along with us but after long discussion we decided to let them stay with the maid and had asked my auntie and her daughter to stay with them over night.

    That Friday, we leave the house at 6.00am, it was raining..we drove to menumbok.. reached there at 8.30am.. parked the car nearby which cost RM5 per night.  We were thinking to wait for the Ferry but we just cant wait that long..  a guy convinced us to follow the speedboat instead.. i was reluctant at first.   It was an interesting ride..haha.. its like a joyride.. scary at the same time.. that was my first experience.. within 15minute we were in Labuan.

    We searched for a hotel nearby..got a room and went out to take our breakfast… met up my dad, bought flowers..then we went to my auntie’s house until late afternoon, we went back to our room.. rest for a while.. then we went out to shop.. the ‘MUST ITEM’  you need to buy in Labuan are chocolates and liquors … how i wish there are..wholesale products of chocolates.. lol.

    Late evening went back to auntie’s house.. have prayer with them.. dinner.. then we went back to our hotel.  We cant wait for the Ferry we decided to use the speedboat again.. by 12.30 we were in Menumbok.. drove to Papar.. took our late lunch and reached home almost 4.00pm.

    This was the first ever journey with my hubby without children.. haha.. its like having a short and simple honeymoon.. it is indeed a day with my hubby. I think it is important to have days like this in our life.. to get together, be able to listen and communicate like before.. hehe… just to refresh the memory..

    I enjoyed the journey very much… and for sure there going to be more trip like this in the future.