What I Learn From My Daughter

The world just loss the greatest entertainer… he united all races through his music.. his legacy lives on.. We grow up listening to his music, his songs are so meaningful we can relate it to our lifes.  Since the news of his dead, there are so many programs about him on TV and just the other night i was watching Brit Award tribute to Michael Jackson on Astro, there were famous entertainers performing.. but i was touched when i watch Beyonce sang… she was beautiful… i cant remember the name of the song.. she was like an angel singing… i started crying tremendously… i told my daughter .. how beautiful Beyonce was.. my daughter said she loves her outfit.. just like barbie doll.. she describe beautiful woman as barbie..LOL..  she saw me crying … she hugged me and said… ‘mummy, dont cry.. daddy loves you’...  i did not stop crying.. i cry more and more.. it just touches my heart.

She is just 3 years old..  without knowing or asking the reason i cry.. she assumed that i am sad and need comfort.   At that age.. she know what sadness means.. and how to react on it… at the same time she is giving me faith.. that  daddy will always love  mummy… its so wonderful.

She grow up very fast..right in front of my eyes.. soon  she will ask me how to deal with acne treatment that’s for sure… meanwhile i just let her be my baby girl.. and learning more from her.  Sometimes we, adults need to learn from little children.. as how they learn from us.

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2 Responses to “What I Learn From My Daughter”

  1. jppmom says:

    little things they do or an innocent word from them really touch us kan…and I just can’t help myself from thanking God for giving us dis wonderful child kan..

  2. shirley says:

    she really touches my heart fele…

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