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    Desperate People Do Stupid Things…

    On Monday evening.. around 9.00pm my maid informed me that there were no water on the tap.. ‘oh damn’.. why didn’t give any notice on that.. lucky we have a big container of water supply in case something like that happened. The next day.. i had to bath Sean with cold water..he was shivering.. haha.. a fast one.. cant waste water.

    I met my neighbor while on the way going down and asked him if he got water at his place… guess what… he said..’got mah.. i dont know now lah..why no water ah?’… mmm i feel something was wrong.. before going to the car i checked our main pipe..n for sure.. somebody closed it.. the work of a lunatic.. damn.. Anyway.. by doing that.. i managed to saved.. few liter of water.

    Yesterday, while i was sleeping.. i heard a disturbing sound.. that i thought i was dreaming..but my husband who was awaken by that sound.. woke me up.. it was terribly annoying sound.. we went near the window and found out that it was somebody was standing near his car while pressing the horn… it was so loud.. not sure why… but at the same time.. he kick the other car.. we guessed somebody took his car park..it was a block away.. imagine how loud the sound was… it continue for an 1 hour or so.. This guy was only thinking about himself.. he did not care about others… haiya..we just pretend nothing happened..and went back to sleep..zzz.. it was actually 3.00 am at dawn.

    I hope there are such motorhome towing here.. where we can ask them to just to get anybody or any house with problem people out of the neighborhood. I can’t imagine why people can only think about themselves.. desperate people do stupid things sometimes.

    Dont know what’s next…

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    A Date With A Friend

    Last Friday evening.. me and my friend Susan .. whom i met from blogging… decided to hang out in CityMall… we meet up around 6.30pm.. and window shopping for a starter..hehe.

    We took our dinner in Old Town..  i took Laksa Penang.. it was nice.. yummy…  apa gia ko makan tu zan? hehe.. she took rice with chicken if i’m not mistaken.. looks yummy too… but unfortunately the drink .. wheatgrass..tasted a bit …mmm not so nice lah.

    So we decided to have our dessert… ice cream..yihaa.. in VedaBlu..taaraa..

    Looks nice.. it taste so yummy…

    The happy faces.. the foods explorer..hehe

    Cheers! .. i took the first scoop.. .

    Interesting date..hehe.. i got present from her.. i love it..thanks for the pressie zan… more date in the future.

    Haiya.. if often eat like this..for sure i need to buy Kettlebells to do my exercise.. especially my tummy.. few lady colleagues asked me how i keep my figure.. haha.. i found it so funny being asked that question.. because.. yes i might have the shape..but they didn’t realize..i got my tummy hiding… hehe.

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    Edward & Wife…Inseparable in Life and in Death..RIP

    This morning i read an interesting story in the newspaper and it touches my heart….

    London : Inseparable in life and in death, that was what celebrated British conductor Sir Edward and Lady Downes epitomised.

    It was, said their family, a very civilised way to die.  The couple, a shared lifetime of personal and professional triumphs behind them, help hands for their final moments together before climbing on to separate beds to drink the clear liquid containing a fatal dose of barbiturates.  Within 10 minutes, watched by their weeping family, they were dead.

    The story of Edward, 85 and Joan Downes, 74 decided to end their lives after 54 happy years together by suicide rather then struggle with serious health problem… to me is a love story that has an happy ending even though they have choosen the wrong way to die..but if thats makes them happy… i hope God forgive them and my their souls rest in peace.

    And this morning while me and my friend were having breakfast, we saw an old couple.. holding hands..  they both look so happy together… and wonder to myself… and have so many questions in my head.. and if i have the opportunity to interview them.. i would asked these few questions;

    1. how long have they been married?
    2. what was the biggest challenge?
    3. how they raise their children?
    4. did they ever cheated on their partner? hahaha…

    if they were my neighbour.. i will keep on asking question … i am sure..soon enough they will call the long distance moving companies and  move to somewhere else hahaha.

    Well…that is marriage…a big word with big responsibilities that only handle by two different people.. how they work it out, how long it last..it all depends on them…my marriage are still long way to go.. and i trust God to work in my marriage.. amen.