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Have You Ever?

Have you ever…questions God existence?

Have you ever… wanted to experience things that you know is wrong?

Have you ever…pray for God to help you but actually you did not help yourself?

Have you ever …  blame God for what happened but forget to thank Him for what you have?

Have you ever.. search for love high and low…without realizing that loves surround you?

Have you ever…thought God did not answer your prayer but actually he did?

This reminds me of the car accident in the past, the first accident i had when i was with my friends, we were heading home from participating treasure hunt Sutera Harbour, i stopped at the traffic light when it happened.. the guy was drunk but we don’t need Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney to settle that matter… but at that time.. i had so many questions to God.. why it happened? then i realized that i need to spent time with my family… God let things happened.. and it happened for a reason.

So.. have you ever have questions and doubt God?.. stop asking questions.. and start believing and trust him.


  • Ornest

    Habiskah ko pya post ni?? Macam ndak siap saja hehehe but i get the point you wanted to share. Saya selalu menanyakan soalan2 itu. I ever questioned His existence but He showed me He exist through His magnificient creations around me, through the blood that flows in me, all the veins inside me,my muscles, organs and so on. Only someone with great power can create something beyond human’s mind/imagination like that and that someone is God. There are times sya ni macam yang 9 orang dari 10 orang yang ditolong Tuhan tapi hanya 1 orang yang datang balik mengucap terima kasih sama Tuhan. Selalu lupa mengucapkan syukur pada Tuhan di atas segala pertolongan Dia. Ada waktunya sya rasa sya punya usahalah yang membuatkan saya berhasil. Padahal kalau bukan kerna Tuhan menyertai, pasti sya juga akan gagal. Dia juga selalu melindungi perjalanan sya tp sya slalu gagal untuk mengucapkan syukur. Dalam keadaan terdesak saja, barulah sya mencari Tuhan sungguh2. But i confess, He is always there for me no matter what i did. I thank Him for that 😀

  • shirley

    odoi ornest..kin malu oh kan..baru sya prasan.. sya edit udah.. Thank you for your comment.. i believe each and everyone of us.. have that question but never get the answer… but in the end.. God provide us the answer.. even when we tested we continue to trust in him..

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