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    Beautiza Taking Pics…

    I had a camera but decided to buy a digital camera because its convenience, no need film and its easy to upload in the computer..especially for my blog…so when i bought my digital camera.. i got so excited.. haha… i keep on reading the manual, studying on the camera..and even checked in the website on the technique of taking pics, its quite interesting.

    I have downloaded pics and video in my laptop, i need to print out others before its gone… I need to buy bigger memory card no need to worry about the capacity and a micro sd for upgrading.

    I am trying to take as many picture as i can.. especially scenery.. i am not a pro but trying my best to do the best… Beautiza will keep on taking pics…and upload in the blog.. so watch out.. i will keep the camera with me everywhere i go… you might be in my blog!!