My son have been controlling the use of the laptop.. he wants to play game.. he will only give her sister chance to play when he is in a good mood.. but not for long.

So today, Chrissa asked for computer game… without his brother at home.. this is the only chance she have.. lol.. i let her play the sesame street..eventhough she wanted the game his brother use to play.  She wanted to watch the ‘tinkerbell‘ online..but it is too slow.. i need to upgrade this computer memory then i guess its possible to watch online.  She is progressing on her motor skill especially handling the mouse, it will be easier for her especially on games.

I need to take back my other laptop… so there will be no fighting between my two kids over a computer.  What i need is a time table, what time they can play and what type of games they can play.   I need to be strict on time and that is the hardest part.