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Home Improvement

I remember once i can’t decide whether to buy oven or microwave.. well.. i just that in my thought for a while.. now i am thinking of buying a steamer…lol.

Haiya so many things i need now.. but the most important thing is to paint my kid’s room..its is now have interesting colour.. green and yellow and with addition of my kid’s sketch, showing their creativity.. i mean its okay..but too much..and it looks dirty… mmm thinking what colour suit their room.  My Handy Manny will find his time to do the painting…hehe.. for sure.

Need to re-decorate my room, update my wardrobe.. get rid of that unwanted clothes, need to buy another cabinet for my books/files.., new cushion covers.. many oh.

Oh ya.. apart from all the above what i really need is the home alarm systems … that is the important thing i need now.. in case.. touch wood!  after a few incident last year that happened at my neighbor in the ground floor and another at the other block.. i guess need to start do my survey.


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