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Mummy Got A Holiday!!

It is a public holiday alright… my children went for a sleep over at their grandparent’s house yesterday.  It is so boring without kids around…. i miss them already.. but they want to be with their cousins and its a school holiday anyway…. i will get them tomorrow after church.

This morning, me and hubby went for breakfast.. after that he went to work and guess what.. i went to the salon…my face deserved a nice my skin longing for that facial touch… and trimmed the bushy eyebrow..  ouch! ouch!.

I am home alone.. trying to update blog and blog hop.. while listening to yahoo radio.…country song.. im loving it.  I don’t even want to feel of doing anything else.. i dont even want to cook… i will wait for my husband and go for dinner later…  but i need to go to the car wash lah.. car need a bath..hehe..

Today is my holiday… i take it as a reward for myself..  it is my golden opportunity to be at home just by myself… this is what you called..Freedom!!

6 thoughts on “Mummy Got A Holiday!!”

  1. hahaha..that is good. when sona has stop bf i wish i can send her to stay over at my mum’s or sis..bila la i’ll get my freedom nie..hehe

  2. ya nies… have too.. skin need to breath.. im looking forward for another facial next month.. if its good i will recommend to you.. the facial i went.. was not to my satisfaction..

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