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    Mummy Got A Holiday!!

    It is a public holiday alright… my children went for a sleep over at their grandparent’s house yesterday.  It is so boring without kids around…. i miss them already.. but they want to be with their cousins and its a school holiday anyway…. i will get them tomorrow after church.

    This morning, me and hubby went for breakfast.. after that he went to work and guess what.. i went to the salon…my face deserved a nice treat..lol.. my skin longing for that facial touch… and trimmed the bushy eyebrow..  ouch! ouch!.

    I am home alone.. trying to update blog and blog hop.. while listening to yahoo radio.…country song.. im loving it.  I don’t even want to feel of doing anything else.. i dont even want to cook… i will wait for my husband and go for dinner later…  but i need to go to the car wash lah.. car need a bath..hehe..

    Today is my holiday… i take it as a reward for myself..  it is my golden opportunity to be at home just by myself… this is what you called..Freedom!!