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    What I Did On Kaamatan Day..

    While everybody still sleeping, i have to wake up early..waiting for my cousin, Elenora to come at 5.00am..

    She and her best friend, Glenda joining the choir and will be going to sing in KDCA on that day… they asked me to do their make up.. so i did…

    I have been trying to upload their picture before make up.. but cannot lah..i just give up..  few nice pose here.. the three best friends.

    So here goes their pics after the make over.. cutie pie..hehe… watch out..they maybe the next unduk ngadau.

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    Learning to Forgive and Forget

    Well.. i am so in the mood of confessing today..LOL.. i just confessed to a friend, whom i knew admired a guy (a young, handsome lecturer) in our college but i ended up being with that guy for a year.. i guess.. i just want to let her know how bad i feel.. i know its hard for her to accept it back then.. wow..thats was not easy… but actually she knew about the relationship .. well i guess that’s that.

    She is very open minded, matured and forgiving.. as for me.. oh my.. i still have few person in list that i can’t seem to forgive and now it has been too long.. i can’t seem to remember what they did to me… silly me.  I guess its really time for me to confront them.. oh dear..should i?.. i think i should.. because i really want to forget things.. things in the past.. its over.. gone.. done.

    The past, present and future are connected…. Whatever you have Today is because of Yesterday.. and we always wishing for a better Tomorrow!

    I am not perfect but i am trying to be good.. everyday is a journey of learning and experiencing life.  Sometimes we are too proud to say ‘sorry’, ‘its my fault’, ‘please forgive me’.  I believe forgiveness makes us feel peace and it is a tips for a radiant and youthful appearance… LOL.. its true.. i have few friends.. whom i feel .. no hatred in them.. still look young and beautiful.