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    Short Visit to Osindak

    I was online on FB last friday and my friend, susan, we know each other from blogging but we never met.  She was on confinement .. so yesterday, only me and Chrissa at home so i decided to give Susan a visit.  I let her know that we are coming.. but quite late.. around 6.00pm.. avoiding the hot sun..lol.

    All the way, Chrissa keep on asking.. ‘where is the baby?’..  I got confused when i reach there..but the place is actually in front of my eyes..haha.. we were longing to see each other for a long time.. so we did.

    Susan doesn’t want her pic to be taken..hahaha..i understand..  Chrissa admiring baby Tessa..she is sooo cute.. eh..macam sya mo cubit oh.. weird pulak if lama tidak carry baby.  Chrissa insist to carry baby Tessa in her arm..macam lah pandai..

    It was a short visit indeed because i need to back .. i hate driving at night.. still ..on the way back home.. Chrissa keep on talking about baby.. she even told her daddy that she want to bring baby home but mummy said cannot.  Anyway.. it was nice meeting you zan.. hugss..   okay till our lunch next time…