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Have You Ever?

Have you ever…questions God existence? Have you ever… wanted to experience things that you know is wrong? Have you ever…pray for God to help you but actually you did not help yourself? Have you ever …  blame God for what happened but forget to thank Him for what you have? Have you ever.. search forContinue Reading “Have You Ever?”

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Living In Reality..

We are living in reality… sometimes we  imagine too much… we get confuse.  We like to daydream, just like imagining, we  control what we wants, for our needs and feelings.  Nothing seems enough for us, what we cannot get in reality, we imagine… we created in our minds but sometimes it become reality. We wantedContinue Reading “Living In Reality..”

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Beautiza Taking Pics…

I had a camera but decided to buy a digital camera because its convenience, no need film and its easy to upload in the computer..especially for my blog…so when i bought my digital camera.. i got so excited.. haha… i keep on reading the manual, studying on the camera..and even checked in the website onContinue Reading “Beautiza Taking Pics…”