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    What Do We Expect?

    What do we expect in life?  I guess we expect ‘a dream come true”, but even when we sleep we have bad dream or worst..nightmare.    I believe that ‘dream can come true’ but not always… we don’t always get what we want..but this does not mean we quit.

    I had a mixed feeling this few weeks.. unusual mixed feeling..tempted, disappointment, confused, happy, proud, frustration.. but that’s that… its not over and i still have to deal with it.

    We have our own principle, and i have mine to hold to…  i am a person who talk straight to your face.. no hiding.. you hate me for that.. i am sorry.. i don’t believe on back stabbing anybody, just not my style.   I work with dedication not only for money, other things don’t really matter.   I need time to talk to you, who upset me.. i am sorry.. i can’t hide it.. i cannot pretend.. let me be myself again.. it takes time.

    You will be wondering why and what am i talking about…for sure.. i just want to let it out from my chest..phew..  its hurt to know that again.. not appreciated.. i wish i didn’t know..but unfortunately i knew…  i need time to change direction.. from feeling miserable to be positive.. i let my tears flow.. i know its okay to cry.. its okay to feel bad once in a while.

    I am blessed… to have friends who understand me very well, especially my best friends Cay and Fele… i love you guys!!  I will let you guys have the  immediate annuity for job well done.. hehe..tiba2 pula kan..phew..

    So i guess we don’t have to expect too much, i just want to be remembered as somebody who are full of joy..happy go lucky, helpful, caring, loving and honest… if i ever hurt your feeling.. i need forgiveness.. life is too short! Cheers!