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    Appreciating Life

    Sometimes we tend to forget how interesting life can be… we let emotion lead us, we worry to much, think too much, scared.. these clouds our mind which causes stress.

    Things happened for a reason, just be thankful for everything.. don’t get overjoyed, don’t over react…   Someday, somebody might come to you and say ‘i like you even though i know your status’..just be glad and get over it… meaning your appearance are still acceptable.. lol.. isnt that wonderful.. this lead to temptation but its up to you to handle it.

    Our emotion created by our mind and heart, follow your instinct, pray and let your mind do wonders.  Life is short, appreciate every details in life, our family, loving husband, children, friends, relatives, career, my friend taught me to list all these, it surely make me feel good and feel appreciated as well.  Let go of the guilt, worries,  negative thinking or you ended up taking diet pill reviews after loosing weight.

    You can also talk to a friend but its hard to find trusted friend nowadays… but i assure you there are still loyal friend out there, i still have them and i sometimes depend on them.  I sometimes feel my friend know me better then i do and i appreciate that.